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903.33 Cartridge pressure very low

This question is regarding Mira Excel (1990-96) Cartridge - 903.33

I replaced the cartridge with a new 903.33 because the water would just dribble after a while. The pressure is on high setting but thought maybe try the low setting, the red key is no good as cannot turn the direction to the low pressure as so stiff the red key is bending.
Any suggestions? Do I need to turn the pressure to low setting? And how do I do that if too stiff? Also should it be turned with the water outflow turned on setting or turned off setting? Please help as at a loss as to solve this water pressure even with new cartridge still have pressure problem and cannot change setting to low pressure if that will fix it?

Asked 3 years ago by Manjit Biant
If you have a low pressure system then the cartridge will need to be set to this.

These cartridges are sometimes stiff to move. You maybe able to get it to move after you have sprayed the area with WD 40.
Answered 3 years ago by Barrie Seabright

How can I get another key?

Also does it matter if the cartridge is open or closed when trying to turn it to the low pressure setting?
Answered 3 years ago by Manjit Biant
The last few cartridges we have received have been very tight.

The red key will turn it but it can be very difficult, if you find it impossible to turn then return the cartridge to us we will send you a new cartridge and we can set it to low pressure for you if you put a note in with the return.

Also just to check you don't have a pressure problem it may be worth giving the valve a flush out when the cartridge is removed

This will take two!

If your valve is recessed pack an old poly bag round the valve to divert the water into your Bath / shower tray then turn the hot and cold valves on one at a time and allow the water to flush through for about 15>20 seconds.

The person who is helping you should watch that the water is not going anywhere that is going to do any damage. Also they should watch that the amount of water coming from the hot and cold they should be roughly the same.

Answered 3 years ago by George Thomson
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