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boiler not switching on when shower turned on

This question is regarding Mira Excel (1990-96) Cartridge - 903.33

Just fitted a new cartridge, set the pressure to high as required, when shower is turned on the boiler stays off, if the boiler is put on constant still no hot water?

Asked 7 years ago by Anonymous
Check that the inside of the hose hasn’t collapsed, and thehead is clear, this could be blocking the supply Have you fitted the cartridge the correct way round?(normally hot to the left and cold to the right as you look at it ) The other thought is to remove the cartridge and flush thepipe work out see below This will take two! If your valve is recessed pack an old poly bag round thevalve to divert the water into your Bath / shower tray then turn the hot andcold valves on one at a time and allow the water to flush through for about15>20 seconds. The person who is helping you should watch that the wateris not going anywhere that is going to do any damage also they should watchthat the amount of water coming from the hot and cold they should be roughlythe same.  If you do these checks and you still have a problem then wecan replace the cartridge .......Having said that this is a very unusual fault.
Answered 7 years ago by Anonymous
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