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Cartridge colour purple ,renewed in Dec 2010.

This question is regarding Mira Excel (1990-96) Cartridge - 903.33

Temp too hot , clened filters with no sucsess.

Asked 4 years ago by Anonymous
Removethe temperature control knob then turn the purple butterfly to max cold. Slackenthe screw in the centre of the butterfly (do not completely removethe screw) slacken it just enough to allow the butterfly to be pulledforward and clear of the splines that it sits on, now turn thebutterfly counter clockwise until it is at the 6'O clock position retightenthe screw fit the temperature knob and test the shower. Youcan try this operation again and perhaps even a third time however bythen it is usually beyond its maximum cold adjustment.
Answered 4 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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