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This question is regarding Mira Excel (1990-96) Cartridge - 903.33


My excel shower, about 9 yr old is not drawing in cold water and when the temp gauge is turned down to its lowest setting, the water is still warm and the water spurts out in rythmn with the pump.

Is this a pump problem or is a new cartridge required.

thankx for help

Asked 7 years ago by Anonymous
Hi  If you have problems with an Excel then it's best just to replace the cartridge, however it is probably worth stripping the cartridge out and checking that the inlet filters are clean, before buying a new cartridge and in your case also check the inlet filters on the pump     Turn off hot and cold water supply   Pull front temperature knob off The rest of the knob assy. just unclips   Remove 4 screws that hold cartridge into body   Pull old cartridge forward shouldn't be too tight   Set new cartridge for High/Low pressure (instructions with cartridge)   Slip new cartridge into place remember to check that the new seals are all in place (and don't drop out as you push back)   Tighten screws be careful not to over tighten   Refit knobs.   Turn on water and test. (Occasionally you will have to reset the cartridge temperature, instructions with cartridge)   Easy peasy!!!!   Cartridge   Mira 903.33  This cartridge supersedes the previous high and low pressure versions
Answered 7 years ago by Anonymous
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