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do i need to change the cartridge

This question is regarding Mira Excel (1990-96) Cartridge - 903.33

i have a mira exel that has been in and working on a gravity system but i am about to have a combi boiler fitted and the heating engineer is not sure if the mixer is suitable, can i simply change the cartridge or do i need to change the shower. the shower is tiled in so if necessary is there a direct replacement? looking forward to hearing from you Tony

Asked 4 years ago by Anthony Rains

If you have a cartridge with a purple butterfly behind the temp knob then if you remove the cartridge at the rear of the cartridge you can set the cartridge for high or low pressure.
If you have any other colour than purple then just try it and see and if there are any problems be prepared to change the cartridge.  
Answered 4 years ago by George Thomson
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