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Mira 903.33 cartridge Setting

This question is regarding Mira Excel (1990-96) Cartridge - 903.33

I have just fitted the above cartridge which works well in my combi boiler but I have to turn the temperature to maximum to get a reasonably hot shower. Can I increase the hot water flow?

Asked 6 years ago by Paul Penman
Firsthave you set the cartridge to high pressure? Ifthe cartridge is set properly then see below for how to adjust the temperature  Removethe temperature control knob then turn the purple butterfly to max hot. Slackenthe screw in the centre of the butterfly (do not completely remove the screw) slackenit just enough to allow the butterfly to be pulled forward and clear of thesplines that it sits on, now turn the butterfly clockwise until it is at the6'O clock position retighten the screw fit the temperature knob and test theshower. Youcan try this operation again and perhaps even a third time however by then itis usually beyond its maximum hot adjustment.    
Answered 6 years ago by George Thomson
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