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Mira excel catridge

This question is regarding Mira Excel (1990-96) Cartridge - 903.33

I have a mira excel shower and sometimes I lose the flow of water. I have cleaned the filter and this clears the problem but lately the filters are clear and the problem is bcoming more frequent so could this be the cartridge needs replacing. cartridge part No is 20/03 8738

Asked 7 years ago by Anonymous

Strip out the cartridge and when it’s out give the pipe work a flush out.
This will take two!
If your valve is recessed pack an old poly bag round the valve to divert the water into your Bath / shower tray then turn the hot and cold valves on one at a time and allow the water to flush through for about 15>20 seconds.
The person who is helping you should watch that the water is not going anywhere that is going to do any damage also they should watch that the amount of water coming from the hot and cold they should be roughly the same, if not then you have a problem with the supply to the shower.
Refit the cartridge and if the problem persists then you most lkiley have a faulty cartridge which will need replaced.
Answered 7 years ago by George Thomson
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