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Mira excel shower too hot!!!

This question is regarding Mira Excel (1990-96) Cartridge - 903.33

We have moved into a house with a Mira excel shower. When the shower is on there is no cold water and the shower is too hot. So much so that it makes a squealing noise. Would a new cartridge fix this problem? The current cartridge is yellow though not purple. We have reduced the flow of hot water to help cool it down the squealing has stopped but now it is very noisy because of the water resistance. Hope someone can help.

Asked 6 years ago by Anonymous
The squealing is due to water pressure, this is and old type cartridge and if you have a high pressure system like a combi boiler fitted it will not be able to cope. The new cartridges can be set to high or low pressure.
Make sure first that the inlets to the shower are open and the filters to the cartridge are clear.
Answered 6 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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