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Mira Excel Temperature adjustment

This question is regarding Mira Excel (1990-96) Cartridge - 903.33

Recently fitted a new Alpha InTec 30 combi boiler. When turning the temp adjustment ring up to high the water does heat up as it should, though the pressure remains high. Might there be a problem with the internal thermostat function, or does the pressure need to be adjusted? Also the valve is slightly stiff when turning on and off.


Asked 7 years ago by Anonymous
Yes the valve could be stiff due to the age and extrapressure.However if you remove the cartridge you will find that theretwo holes that the red key will fit into (see the link below) if you don’t have the red key a pair of long nosedpliers will do.On the back of the cartridge stamped in to the rear arearrows pointing to high and low push the key or pliers into the holes and turnto the high setting. it is out make sure that the cartridge filters areclear.This should solve the problem however if not then it is justthe age of the cartridge and the extra pressure that is causing the problemtherefore it will have to be replaced.
Answered 7 years ago by George Thomson
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