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Water not hot enough

This question is regarding Mira Excel (1990-96) Cartridge - 903.33

Hi have just purchased a new 903.33 cartridge from you. Have had it fitted but I cant get the water hot enough. Previously with the old one it was fine on No 7 but now I have to have it right round to max and then it is only just warm enough. Tried adjusting the temp setting but no change. Its running off a combi boiler. Should the cartridge be set on high or low pressure. Would this make any difference?

Asked 4 years ago by Paul Mitchell
Yes , you have a high pressure system and the cartridge should have been set to this setting before it was fitted.
Answered 4 years ago by Barrie Seabright
Hi Thanks for getting back to me, yes the cartridge was set to high pressure before fitting. Any other ideas?
If there was not enough pressure from the boiler would setting it to the low setting get over the problem? The old cartridge worked fine except it was dripping and getting hard to turn (hence purchasing a new one?)
Answered 4 years ago by Paul Mitchell
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