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Mira Excel shower cutting going hot and cold

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Thank you for Q&A "boiler not switching on when shower turned on", has helped solve my problem, but in a different way. Our Shower would come on, but then cut out momentarily and come on again and keep cycling hot and cold every minute or so. So I checked our Vaillant combi boiler and indeed it was switching on and off. So I called out a boiler engineer - £95 callout, plus £50 spent on parts for the boiler, still no different. Got a 2nd engineer who said its not the boiler but the shower at fault. I looked at your website, saw this Q&A, particularly the comment about checking the hose. Then the penny dropped - A few days prior to our shower having the problem, our hose cracked and started leaking just by the handset, I bought one from our local Homebase. Whilst it was cheap, I now know it had the wrong bore (too small), causing low water flow, causing the boiler to cut in and out. New genuine Mira hose fitted, problem solved. So the moral of the story is next time FIT THE GENUINE MIRA HOSE (with 11mm bore) - lesson learnt!!!! Thanks very much
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