Mira Excel B 2006. Fixed Head.

Since purchasing I have twice had Mira engineer clean filters,but he only came two months ago,washed them under the tap and replaced them. The flow is starting to decrease already. I wonder if the hot water pipe that directly comes off top of hot water tank is drawing in limescale "bits" and the hot water tank needs replacing as it is 30yrs old?. We live in a hard water area. I do not feel I could take it apart myself and examine filters,but wondered also if I had removed filters what would happen. I suppose the shower head would then get blocked.
Asked 12 years ago by Sheila

There certainly appears to be a problem, the filters shouldn’t need cleaned that regularly and with the amount of “bits” coming through that you describe, you could wreck the cartridge fairly quickly, if you remove the filters.

So first you need to discover where the bits are coming from.

In the short term get the engineer or someone to show how to clean the filters it is a fairly easy job.

Answered 12 years ago by Anonymous

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