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Mira Excel E Exposed Thermostatic Mixer, Valve Only (Chrome) - 1.1518.309

Save 11% Mira Excel E Exposed Thermostatic Mixer, Valve Only (Chrome) - 1.1518.309

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The UK’s best selling thermostatic mixer. Unbeatable at all pressures, the Mira Excel is our best performing mixer and is the choice of the professional installer. With additional easy install features, saving time and installation costs.

  • Thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family
  • A maximum temperature stop enhances safety- you can override it if you want a hotter shower
  • Separate temperature and flow controls let you fine tune your perfect shower
  • Easy to fit therefore saving on installation costs – it’s the installer’s choice
  • A ceramic flow control keeps limescale at bay- ideal if you have hard water
  • Unrivalled performance on any water system even at low pressures
  • Mira Excel matching taps available
  • Clean chrome finish
Back to the top Product Specification
Fitment Style:
5 Years
Inlet Connection:
1/2" BSP Connection, 15mm Compression
Max Static Pressure:
10 Bar
Min Running Pressure:
0.1 Bar
Minimum Running Pressure:
0.1 Bar
Pipe Centers (mm):
Plumbing System:
Low Pressure, High Pressure
Temperature Control:
Water Entry:
Rising, Falling, Back

Technical information
Principle of Operation

This fully thermostatic shower control mixers hot and cold water to the desired showering temperature and automatically compensates for variation in both the temperature and pressure of the inlet water supplies to maintain the blend temperature.

Limitations of Use
The Mira Excel should not be used for applications where an outlet flow control forms part of the shower fitting.
The product and its components are only suitable for normal water supplies and should be cleaned only with mild washing detergent or soap solution. Light golden products should be cleaned using a soft damp cloth only.

Wax capsule temperature sensor
Automatic shutdown to seepage within two seconds if cold supply fails
Adjustable override and maximum temperature stop (may be disabled)
Temperature control range: 30°C – 50°C
Maximum hot water temperature: 85°C (BS6700 recommends a maximum 65°C)
Minimum temperature of differential: 12°C (between blend and hot)

Pressure (inlet supplies)

Minimum maintained pressure: 0.1 bar
Maximum maintained pressure: 5.0 bar
Maximum static pressure: 10.0 bar
Maximum pressure loss ratio: 10:1

The specification performance outlined below for the low pressure setting is achieved with inlet water supply temperatures of 15°C cold 65°C hot and nominally equal inlet supply pressures:
Close thermostatic control achieved in the range 30°C to 50°C
The blended water temperature is maintained within 1°C with a 10°C change in the hot and cold supply.
The Mira Excel will affect a shutdown to seepage in typically two seconds if the cold supply.
Shutdown to seepage is affected only if the hot supply is a minimum of 12°C above the blend temperature.
The blended water is maintained with -/+1°C with a pressure loss ratio of 2:1 on either the hot and cold side.

Guaranteed for five years from date purchase against faulty materials and workmanship.

The Mira Excel is designed for installation as part of the following plumbing systems:
Gravity fed
Fully instantaneous gas heated
Mains pressurised (heated from a thermal store)
Unvented mains pressure

When the Mira Excel is used at pressures above 5.0 bar maintained, a pressure reducing valve must be installed to maintain performance.

The plumbing installation must comply with the requirements of UK Water Regulations/Bylaws (Scotland), Building Regulations or any particular regulations and practices specified by the local water company or water undertakers. The installation should be carried out by a plumber or contractor who is registered or is a member of an association.
Protect the product from damage whilst making soldering connections. Some fluxes can cause damage to plastic components.

Mira Excel-EV
Inlet elbows accept top, bottom or rear entry supplies
Adjustable inlets on exposed models between 150mm and 155mm
Inlet connections: 15mm compression, ½” BSP male
Outlet connections: ½” BSP male
Reversed inlet connections supported
Alternative top or bottom outlet supported
Large serviceable inlet filters
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