Mira power shower head

Reviewed 11 years ago by M Norman
my daughter was having a problem with the shower head, water coming out every ware, went to B & Q same item on the shelf £25.00. You make your own choice. I know where i would go.

Showerdoc Reply:

Mira Power shower head compatibility 

Suitable for power showersFour different spray patternsRub clean nozzles for easy cleaningEasy to fitCan be used with a 1/2 inch connection
After checking the B&Q website it seems they dont supply the Mira power head however if they do in the future then please make sure you don’t buy the adjustable head that is only suitable for certain types of Mira showers.

Instead of replacing the shower head if the head is leaking you can replace the spray plate and seals amongst other parts which can be found via this link provided and at a fraction of the cost of the complete shower head - http://www.showerdoc.com/shower-spares/mira/MIRA-PARENT-132-Mira-Response-Adjustable---Power-Range---Riser