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This question is regarding Mira Sport Max Shower Spares

After I first installed the shower, it dripped when turned off. Mira said it was the solenoid and sent a new apart. This worked and stopped the drips. However when it was then used to shower it went wrong. My wife turned it off to shampoo her hair and when she turned it back on there was only a trickle of water and it was very cold. After an hour the shower worked fine again but the shower now drips constantly again when turned off. Please help as I installed it myself as I was just replacing an older Elite St version.

Asked 3 years ago by Peter Woodrow
This definitely sounds like a shower fault. The problem is if you go tampering about inside you may invalidate the guarantee.

First I would double check that you have installed it correctly then phone Mira and they will send an engineer out (You don't have to volunteer you installed it!) the reason I say check that it is installed correctly, if it isn't they will charge you for the call if the installation is OK then they will have to fix the shower.

As an aside I also think that it is a fault with the solenoid however two faulty solenoids I think there may be something else that is causing it to fail.

As a thought The elite is a pumped shower was your previous shower pumped?
Answered 3 years ago by George Thomson
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