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Mira Sport Max 10.8kw cutting out

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I have a Mira Sport Max 10.8kw Electric shower. Been working fine, only two years old, however since the weekend it runs for 10 minutes then cuts out - the low flow light comes on, however, no more water.

Asked 8 years ago by Anonymous
First I would check the solenoid .....See below. It may be your solenoid valve, you can check it if you havea multi meter, you should have a reading of at least k3.5 ohms, across the twoterminals any less and you need a new valve. (Check the valve in the failedstate.) (When it has stopped working!) If there is power getting to the solenoid and it is notoperating then there is a good chance that you have a faulty videois intended as a guide and does not cover every shower.  If you don’t have a multimeter  we sell them  with a guide on how to use them for checkingand testing the various parts of your shower. Apart from helping to fix your shower, they are reallyuseful for checking you have a power supply to appliances, for checking fusesand letting you know much power you have left in batteries (So you will know if they are good or not) and lots of otherjobs, in short they are well worth a few pounds you find that the solenoid is faulty then all you need doir replace it ......However! Although there is a difference in the price the amount ofwork involved in replacing the solenoid is the same as replacing the flow valveand the solenoid is part of the flow valve I would always be tempted to replacethe complete flow valve rather than just the solenoid. If the solenoid tests out OK and you are sure that it is notfaulty then you almost certainly need a new relay board.  
Answered 8 years ago by Anonymous
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