Mira Thermal Switch for Mira Sport 9.8KW Shower

Hi, The Thermal Switch on my shower is broken. It's a Mira Sport 9.8KW Shower. I have taken the switch out and it looks almost identical to the 416.41 on your web site. It has the following: 319822 T-O-D 60TF114 64151420 (whereas the one on the web is 64151460) L48C l75C S0712 (whereas the one on the web is S1348) If you could please confirm that this is suitable before I purchase. Thanks Artie
Asked 6 years ago by Arthur
There is a list of showers that this item fits at the bottom of this link.


If yours is one of these then it is the correct part.

Answered 6 years ago by Anonymous

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