Thermal Switch keeps blowing ...

We have a Mira Sport Shower unit 9.8KW (2006?) and have replaced the thermal fuse twice now within a year. What could be causing this to blow. We don't have it in the RED at all. Flow seems good on hot & cold and replacing the TCO does solve the problem everytime. I will add the cover's top screw lugs are broken and so the top part of the cover is not a tight seal.
Asked 8 years ago by Anonymous

If  the cover is notwater tight then it should be for safety.

When fitting a new TCO listen to the shower, afterit has completed its first on/off cycle, if when it is switched off you hear itcontinuing to heat (Noise like a kettle starting to boil) this will mean thatthere is a switch or a relay that is stuck in the on position, this is keepingan element energised and this is probably what will cause the TCO to fail.

If this is the case trace and replace the faultyswitch or relay and make sure that you switch the shower off at the isolatingswitch when the shower is not in use because this maycause the new TCO to fail.

Answered 8 years ago by The Shower Doctor

Well the thermal switch has got it all working again (as expected) ... and there is NO boling water sound coming from the shower when it is switched off (I check this now everytime) ...

I forgot to mention before that I did have a tiny leak (slight drip, drip) from (and over) the chrome connection to the shower unit ... but now it's a small trickle ...

Solenoid working as it should ... no Low Flow indication ... starts and stops as it should ...

Has a grommet perished? ... or leaky water heater? ...

Answered 8 years ago by Anonymous

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