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Moonshadow Shower Kit, Single function Shower Sets (Hoses / Heads) Shower Spares

Ideal Standard Moonshadow Shower Kit, Single function Shower Sets (Hoses / Heads) Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
N/S IDL-E960476AA Ideal Standard Escutcheon Moonshadow Ja615305 - E960476aa £12.20 +
N/S IDL-E960477NU Ideal Standard Slotted Screw Plt Moonshadow Ja61520100 - E960477nu £10.88 +
N/S IDL-E960478NU Trevi Moonshadow mounting spigot JA61520500m E960478NU £8.88 +
N/S IDL-E960480NU Ideal Standard Clamping Ring Moonshadow Ja61520200 - E960480nu £12.20 +
N/S IDL-E960487NU Ideal Standard Screws Tps 5X60 Moonshadow Ja61525004 - E960487nu £7.88 +
N/S IDL-E960488AA Shower Head Clean Moonshadow A6305Lp Uk Discontinued
N/S IDL-E960492AA Trevi Moonshadow 25mm Slider Bracket Clamp (Chrome) - E960492AA View Replacement
N/S IDL-E960494AA Trevi Flexi Moonshadow 1.35m Smooth Shower Hose (Chrome) - E960494AA Discontinued
N/S IDL-E960497AA Trevi Moonshadow mounting tee JA615405 Chrome E960497AA £10.08 +
N/S IDL-E960498AA Ideal Standard End Cap Moonshadow Ja615605 - E960498aa £9.95 +
N/S IDL-E960505AA Slidebar Mtg Pillar Moonshadow Ja615505 Discontinued
N/S IDL-E960507NU Ideal Standard Screw D5 Tps X 125Mm Moonshadow J78210 - E960507nu £9.01 +
N/S IDL-E960509NU Ideal Standard Grubscrew M8x8mm Moonshadow J78205 - E960509nu £7.14 +
N/S IDL-E960510AA Ideal Standard Soapdish Moonshadow Ja615025 - E960510aa £31.80 +
N/S IDL-E960511AA Ideal Standard Soapdsh Split Mtgbsh Moonshadow Ja615030 - E960511aa £9.01 +
N/S IDL-E960512NU Ideal Standard Handspray Key 3F Moonshadow Cle - E960512nu £11.83 +
N/S IDL-E960690AA Ideal Standard Elipse Wall Elbow Chrome - E960690aa £54.59 +
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