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Fault Finder - Electric Showers

There is no water coming from my electric shower:

  • Is the water turned on? Check isolating valves are fully open
  • Is there electricity getting to the shower?
  • Have you checked the fuse or circuit breaker?
  • Solenoid valve may be faulty
  • Could be a faulty microswitch


There is water coming from my electric shower but it is cold/cool:

  • Could be a faulty microswitch
  • Could be a faulty flow control valve
  • Element in heating tank may be faulty
  • Check your water supply. Is there enough pressure to activate your shower?


The water coming from my electric shower is too hot:

  • Shower head could be blocked. Clean or replace
  • Check if stop valves are fully open
  • Check to see if blockage at filter
  • May be faulty flow control valve


There is water leaking from unit:


Shower will not turn off:


There is a poor flow of water from my showerhead:

  • Clean or replace showerhead
  • Could be a blocked or faulty hose
  • Flow control valve could be faulty


Obviously we cannot cover all faults here as this is only the basics and some faults are specific to your model of shower. Remember that most shower repairs will require a fully qualified professional and you should not remove the cover of your shower unless you know what you are doing and accept responsibility for your actions. The Shower Doctor accepts no responsibility for any personal or physical damage caused by following our advice.