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NewTeam 968 Thermostatic Valve Shower Spares

NewTeam NewTeam 968 Thermostatic Valve Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 NEWT-SP-135-0101 - Temperature Control Assembly Discontinued
2 NEWT-SP-135-0011 - Temperature Indicator Ring Discontinued
3 NEWT-SP-135-0009 - Flow Control Knob Discontinued
4 NEWT-SP-135-0015 - Surface Mounted Shroud Discontinued
5 NEWT-SP-135-0014 - Pipe Access Trim Discontinued
6 NEWT-SP-135-0102 - Thermostatic Valve Complete Discontinued
7 NEWT-SP-135-0007 - Recess Shroud Clip Discontinued
7 NEWT-SP-135-0008 - Recess Shroud Discontinued
8 NEWT-SP-081-1002 - Outlet Nipple Discontinued
9 NEWT-SP-081-1001 - Inlet Elbow Discontinued
10 NEWT-SP-135-0006 - Wall Mounting Bracket Discontinued
11 NEWT-SP-080-0033 - Recessing Bracket Discontinued
12 NEWT-SP-081-0016 - Star lock Washer Discontinued
13 NEWT-SP-360-0082 - Cirdip type D1400 Discontinued
14 NEWT-SP-081-0015 - Rubber Seal Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-081-0001 - VALVE Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-081-0009 - Flow Limiter Pack Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-135-0008-WT - RECESSED SHROUD WHITE Discontinued
N/S GROHE-00798000 Grohe Avensys Wax Thermostat Element - 00798000 £29.87 +
n/s GUM-SK1500-3 Bristan/Gummers Thermostat & Piston Assembly Sirru - Sk1500-3 £71.99 +
N/S GUM-SK1850-1 Bristan/Gummers Seal Kit Dual Contl.T/Stat Car - Sk1850-1 £15.91 +
N/S GUM-SK1850-2 Bristan/Gummers T/Static Cart. Dual Contl.Scre - Sk1850-2 £159.98 +
N/S GUM-SK1850-20 - Sirrus Spindle Assy. Kit 1850/968 Valve SK1850-20 Discontinued
n/s NEWT-540586 - GRUB SCREW Secure valve body in brkt. Discontinued
n/s NEWT-9214-4CP NewTeam Outlet Nipple 15mm X 15mm 9214-4CP Discontinued
n/s NEWT-970010 NewTeam Non Return Valve 970010 View Replacement
n/s NEWT-PLG 780190 - Blanking Plug Discontinued
n/s NEWT-PLT 220015 - WALL MOUNTING BRACKET Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-080-0019 - Union Elbow (not shown) Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-080-0019-CP NewTeam Union Elbow Chrome SP-080-0019-CP £12.36 +
n/s NEWT-SP-080-0019-WT NewTeam Union Elbow White SP-080-0019-WT £13.36 +
n/s NEWT-SP-135-0101-WT - TEMP CONTROL ASSEMBLY WHITE Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-168-0211 NewTeam Zag Single Mode Shower Handset (White) - SP-168-0211-W View Replacement
N/S NEWT-SP-168-0211-CP NewTeam Zag Single Mode Shower Handset (Chrome) - SP-168-0211-CP View Replacement
N/S NEWT-SP-285-0113-CP NewTeam 1.5m PVC Shower Hose (Chrome) - SP-285-0113-CP View Replacement
N/S NEWT-SP-285-0113-GO NewTeam 1.5m PVC Shower Hose (Gold) - SP-285-0113-GO Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-285-0113-WT NewTeam Hose 1.5m (pvc) - White SP-285-0113-WT Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-135-0014-CP - PIPE ACCESS TRIM CHROME Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-135-0014-WT - PIPE ACCESS TRIM WHITE Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-135-0015-CP - SURFACE SHROUD CHROME Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-135-0015-WT - SURFACE SHROUD WHITE Discontinued
MX Lunar Chrome Universal 3-mode Self Cleaning Shower Handset
MX Lunar Chrome Universal 3-mode Self Cleaning Shower Handset - HCF
MX 1.5m cone-to-cone universal PVC shower hose (Chrome) - RCB
Mx Pvc Shower Hose 1.50M - Rcb
Mouldcure Pink and Black Mould Removal Spray (1 litre bottle)
Mouldcure Pink and Black Mould Removal Spray (1 litre bottle) - HC0028/1-1/SHO
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