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NewTeam Jetforce 75 Pump Spares

NewTeam NewTeam Jetforce 75 Pump Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 ST-16882 Stuart Turner Service Kit 16882 Discontinued
2 NEWT-ST-31090 NewTeam Mounting Plate (2) ST-31090 Discontinued
3 NEWT-ST-16582 NewTeam Impeller (set Of 2) ST-16582 Discontinued
4 ST-18900 Stuart Turner Pump Housing Kit, Double 18900 Discontinued
5 NEWT-ST-18323 NewTeam Flow Switch Reed Kit ST-18323 View Replacement
6 NEWT-ST-31092 NewTeam Front Cover ST-31092 Discontinued
7 NEWT-ST-16505 NewTeam Rubber Foot (4) ST-16505 Discontinued
8 NEWT-ST-25392 NewTeam Support Foot ST-25392 Discontinued
9 ST-17248 Stuart Turner Speedfit Adaptor Kit 17248 Discontinued
10 NEWT-ST-17302 NewTeam O Ring (st55 - Modem Plant Only ST-17302 Discontinued
11 NEWT-ST-17715 NewTeam 15mm Adaptor (st55 - Modern Rani Only ST-17715 Discontinued
12 NEWT-ST-16392 NewTeam Prepared Cable 2m ST-16392 Discontinued
13 NEWT-ST-40711 NewTeam Terminal Box Base ST-40711 Discontinued
14 NEWT-ST-40687 NewTeam Terminal Box Lid ST-40687 Discontinued
16 NEWT-ST-17671 NewTeam Motor 230/1/50 (jetlorce 75 ST-17671 Discontinued
n/s BRIST-FILT08410 Bristan Filter Washers - Filt 08410 £5.39 +
n/s NEWT-SP-011-0011 Bristan/Newteam Graflow Bush All Pumps Vs - Sp-011-0011 Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-011-0019-ST NewTeam Mounting Plate SP-011-0019-ST Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-011-0021 NewTeam Centre Bush SP-011-0021 Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-011-0112-ST NewTeam Reed Switch Module (mk 5 Only) SP-011-0112-ST Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-011-0120-BK Bristan/Newteam Black Nut O Ring / Nylon Washe - Sp-011-0120-Bk £7.64 +
n/s NEWT-SP-011-0142-ST NewTeam Jetforce Body Kit SP-011-0142-ST Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-035-0040-K NewTeam Flexible Connector Inlet SP-035-0040-K Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-035-0052-K NewTeam Flexible Connector Outlet SP-035-0052-K Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-086-0031-A - Push Fit Collett Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-565-1003 NewTeam Flexi Hoses (pack Of 2) SP-565-1003 Discontinued
n/s NEWT-SP-NGKITC NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Negative Head Pack - NG KIT C Discontinued
n/s ST-18323 Stuart Turner Flow Switch Reed Kit 18323 £47.99 +
MX Lunar Chrome Universal 3-mode Self Cleaning Shower Handset
MX Lunar Chrome Universal 3-mode Self Cleaning Shower Handset - HCF
MX PVC Chrome Shower Hose 1.50m - RCB
MX PVC Chrome Shower Hose 1.50m - RCB
Mouldcure Pink and Black Mould Removal Spray (1 litre bottle)
Mouldcure Pink and Black Mould Removal Spray (1 litre bottle) - HC0028/1-1/SHO
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