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NewTeam Jetstream Venturi Shower Spares

NewTeam NewTeam Jetstream Venturi Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 NEWT-SP-079-0026 NewTeam Control Knob ( Cover Only )SP-079-0026 £14.15 +
2 NEWT-SP-079-0024 NewTeam Cover (top) SP-079-0024 Discontinued
3 NEWT-SP-079-0023 NewTeam Cover (bottom) SP-079-0023 Discontinued
4 NEWT-SP-079-0500 NewTeam Shelf (with Rails) SP-079-0500 £72.54 +
6 NEWT-SP-079-0300 .....NewTeam Spray Head Assembly SP-079-0300 Discontinued
7 NEWT-SP-079-0044 NewTeam Obs - Screw Cap Pack SP-079-0044 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0044-MC NewTeam Obs - Screw & Cap Pack - Matt Chrome SP-079-0044-MC Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0044-WT NewTeam Obs - Screw & Cap Pack - White SP-079-0044-WT Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0056 NewTeam Jet Nozzle SP-079-0056 £7.99 +
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0064 NewTeam Negative Head Kit SP-079-0064 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0100 Flow Valve Complete Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0102 NewTeam Temperature Over-ride Assy SP-079-0102 £13.00 +
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0026-MC NewTeam Control Knob Cover - Matt Chrome SP-079-0026-MC £10.10 +
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0037 NewTeam Pipe Inlet Trim Lh - White SP-079-0037 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0037-MC NewTeam Pipe Inlet Trim Lh Matt Chrome SP-079-0037-MC £8.81 +
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0038 NewTeam Pipe Inlet Trim Rh White SP-079-0038 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0038-MC NewTeam Pipe Inlet Trim Rh Matt Chrome SP-079-0038-MC £8.81 +
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0023-MC NewTeam Bottom Cover - Matt Chrome SP-079-0023-MC £13.36 +
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0023-WT NewTeam Bottom Cover - White SP-079-0023-WT Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0024-MC NewTeam Top Cover - Matt Chrome SP-079-0024-MC £15.77 +
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0024-WT NewTeam Top Cover - White SP-079-0024-WT Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP- 079-0056 NewTeam Jet Nozzle SP- 079-0056 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-077-0052 NewTeam Control Knob Cap White SP-077-0052 £5.70 +
N/S NEWT-SP-077-0066 NewTeam Temp. Over-ride Button (red) SP-077-0066 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-077-0105 NewTeam Temp O/ride Button Spring (white Plastic) SP-077-0105 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0006 NewTeam Control Lever SP-079-0006 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-079-0009 NewTeam Valve Screw Cap SP-079-0009 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-490-0224 NewTeam Screw (steel) - Controls Retaining SP-490-0224 £7.12 +
Mouldcure Pink and Black Mould Removal Spray (1 litre bottle)
Mouldcure Pink and Black Mould Removal Spray (1 litre bottle) - HC0028/1-1/SHO
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