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This is the third one of these showers that we have had in just over 6 years. The first was 8.5kw. It didn't get very hot in the winter even when the temperature control was turned right up so we changed it after 2 years fed up with luke warm showers. We changed it for a 9.5. Fine for the first couple of years and then the Knobs broke on that one and then it kept blowing the trip switch. Now on the third one which we have had for 2years 2 months and that has blown up.Only get warm water when it is turned full power. Just been told by manufacturers £47.50 for parts and then we need a "sparks" to fit them. There are two of us and we shower every day so it don't work that hard.

Don't waste your money on this, it aint worth the money.

My son has had a Mira for 6 years and it is still going strong.Guess what I am buying next .I'll give you a start... It wont be one of these.

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