Mr D Cripps

Reviewed 11 years ago by David Cripps
The kit worked a treat, and it's excellent replacing the existing knob that had cracked due to the mixer part of the shower getting too stiff.

Bad marks though for the following:-

The instruction leaflet showed what came in the pack, but the kit that was sent out only contained one cover seal not two as shown (and unfortunately it was the other one I needed). Also there were no "inlet seal spacers" as shown, which was a bit of a worry as I wasn't sure if the "inlet seals on their own would form a proper seal - fortunately they did.

The only other comment is that the replacement knob brilliant with the raised bit in the middle to aid turning - better than the existing smooth knob - but why are there no markings on it to show:-

a/ Which way to turn the knob

b/ Give some indication as to how you control the temperature.

I feel this is needed, as other than a small line on the shower casing there is no other marking, colours or arrows!!