Shower force 1000, Thanks

Reviewed 12 years ago by Dr Daneshmandi
I enquired via emails two times but did not get any reply or satisfactory results for my questions.

I ordered the temperature control knob by telephone, thankfully I received it the next day that I appreciate it very much and it fitted well. PLEASE MAKE YOUR THE SPINDLE AND THE SEALS ARE STRONGER THAT WE DO NOT HAVE TO REPLACE IT EACH YEAR AS IT COST US A LOT FOR THE FITTING CHARGES AND FOR THE LABOUR COST.

Please could you tell me is this shower still available to buy as whole or has it changed to different one and how much is to buy it new now???

Thank you

Showerdoc Reply:

Im not sure why you didnt get a reply as we man the ticket and email enquiries daily, I will check too see if they were caught in our spam filter.

The service kit:

The reason the knob usually breaks is down to the seals, if the seals in the mixer valve become dry , go hard or the silicone grease evenually wears off then that is what causes the mixer to become stiff to operate and dripp when switched off. 

Prevention of stiffness and the knob breaking:

If the valve feels like it is becoming stiff to operate or the shower is still dripping from the head or leaking from the mixer then you will need to lubricate all the seals and moving parts inside. This will usually save the knob from breaking and doing this once a year yourself can save you the cost of plumbers. 

The shower mixer is like a car , it needs serviced with a seal kit evey now and then if if becomes stiff or any of the symptoms above.

The Knob:
If the knob does decide to break then dont use plyers as the spindle will strip then needing a new service kit.

New Power shower:

There is a new power shower with the same water inlets and virtually the same footprint to replace the old NT1000 / NT1000T / 1000XM and the 1000XT, 

Any of the models in this link provided are suitable  -