Broken Control Knob

Reviewed 12 years ago by Doug Bernard
This is the second time I have had to replace the control knob as it no longer turns the spindle. otherwise the produce is very good.

SD Reply:

The reason the knob breaks is down to the seals in the mixing valve, The valve becomes stiff and when switching off the shower you still have a slight drip from the shower head, you then try to turn the shower dial off another couple of mm and it stresses the plastic on the back of the knob and it breaks.  If the seals are not lubricated when the valve or knob become stiff or you encounter temperature problems then it gets worse and the knob becomes stiffer to turn and eventually breaks. The Manufacturer don’t sell the knob separately now and suggest fitting the service repair kit which consist of the mixer seals, mixer spindle and a new control knob. Fitting all these parts when buying the service kit and then lubricating the seals in the mixing valve if it becomes stiff will stop the knob breaking as often.