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Victoriana thermostatic valve.

This question is regarding NewTeam Victoriana Thermostatic Valve Shower Spares


I have a slow drip coming from the valve itself. Seems to be coming from the underside of the on off lever.

I have removed the hot cold tap that seems all ok.

Any ideas ?

Are parts still available ?

Although its old its hardly been used.

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Asked 5 years ago by Anonymous

With the Sirrus 1800 series that in almost every occasion the first thing to do is give them a strip down clean and lube and fit a service kit, this will cure 85% of any problems and it is also the cheapest thing to do.
If after servicing you find out that it needs a thermostat or piston, nothing is really lost because it almost certainly needed a service in any case.

 The 1800
There is no real difficulty with this valve however it is a little more complicated than the 1500 just take photos as you strip it down you can then refer to them when you are rebuilding.
Answered 5 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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