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Premier Opus Quadrant Cabin 1000x1000mm Spares - OPUS03-B

Premier Premier Opus Quadrant Cabin 1000x1000mm Spares - OPUS03-B
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    Part Number Description      
ULTRA-A-030 Ultra A-030 Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-A-030B Braided Hose (95cm) Discontinued
ULTRA-A-030C Ultra A-030C Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-A-031 Chrome Hose 138cm Discontinued
ULTRA-A-034 Grey/Silver Hose Discontinued
ULTRA-A-034B Ultra A-034B Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-A-092 Ultra Glass Shelf - A-092 £26.47 +
ULTRA-A-197 Shower Door Stops Discontinued
ULTRA-A-273 Ultra On/Off Valve 17Mm - A-273 £38.60 +
ULTRA-A-277 Spray Body Jet Discontinued
ULTRA-A-280 Plug Waste Housing Discontinued
ULTRA-A-282 Flexible Waste Discontinued
ULTRA-A-287B 3 Output Divertor Core Green Discontinued
ULTRA-A-303 Ultra Thermo Cartridge Vernet Wax Sensor Type - A-303 £36.62 +
ULTRA-A-304 Ultra Multi Function Hand Shower And Riser Kit - A-304 £24.74 +
ULTRA-A-308 Twin Shower Door Cam Wheels (8) Discontinued
ULTRA-A-308-4 Ultra A-308-4 Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-A-310 Ultra Chrome Finished Monsoon Arm - A-310 £47.52 +
ULTRA-A-314 Ultra A-314 Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-A-314A Ultra A-314A Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-A-322 Ultra On / Off Valve (27Mm) - A-322 Discontinued
ULTRA-A-323 3 Output Divertor Core Discontinued
ULTRA-A-325 Ultra A-325 Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-A-326 Ultra A-326 Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-A-327-3 Ultra A-327-3 Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-ACC056AA Ultra Erq Door Stop Left - Acc056aa £4.43 +
ULTRA-ACC058AA Ultra Erq Door Stop Right - Acc058aa £4.43 +
ULTRA-CHRKNOB Ultra Chrome Shower Door Knobs - Chrknob £22.76 +
ULTRA-FEET Ultra FEET Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-H88MONSOON Ultra H88MONSOON Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-NRV Ultra NRV Spare Part Discontinued
ULTRA-PEV Pressure Equalising Valve Discontinued
ULTRA-SEAL-FL-1700 1700mm Flapped Seals (Set Of 2) Discontinued
ULTRA-SEAL-MAG-1700 Magnetic Shower Door Seal 1700mm Discontinued
ULTRA-TSL Temperature Safety Lock Discontinued
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