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Active 320S

This question is regarding Redring Active 320s 8.5kw Shower Spares

Hi, my electric shower stops working. The main switch has a power,but the

Active 320S has no light on and water isn't running.Few weeks ago sometime happened,that hot water stop working for several seconds and then run again. But now is completely gone. Which part I need it to replace,to make it working again.

This is the 2nd electric shower in 2 years.


Petr Urban

Asked 9 years ago by Petr Urban
Check that there is a minimum of 230volts at connector block in shower, if not the the isolation switch has gone high restance and needs replaced.
If ok then it is most likely to be the solenoid coil at fault, if you click on the link below it will take you ton a video clip showing how to test and change and allow online ordering.
Answered 9 years ago by Anonymous
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