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difficult turning water on on 53551040 redring california

This question is regarding Redring California - (53551040) Shower Spares

My uncle has the above shower and has complained of difficulty in turning the water on handle.I have recently replaced the front cover assy and I would agree the handle is very stiff.Is it possible to lubricate the internals of the valve or possibly clean them. I would like to see a drawing of the internals if that is possible or some clear instructions on how to proceed.The shower is 4-5 years old and has always been stiff.Uncle is 83 and a bit frail.Regards Steve Harrison

Asked 8 years ago by Stephen Harrison
Yes the knob is not the easiest to operate on this modelBelow is an internal view of the shower The flow valve part number 3 (forget what it says on thedrawing !) may be the cause, it should be possible to strip this down lube itand reassemble, however it is in the middle of the power selector mechanism andthis can be fiddly to strip down. My thought would be to strip it down taking lots of photosto help with reassembly and prepair your uncle for a new shower if it doesn’twork.  
Answered 8 years ago by Anonymous
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