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Redring leaking water from black hose

This question is regarding Redring California Shower (2006 - Current) Shower Spares

Hi, was using shower as normal no problems, turned shower off then back on again seemed to build up pressure for a second then water came out through black hose behind shower hose, would this be some type of relief valve problem? Shower model is : redring California 53-553540. There was also some work being done to water mains outside of property would this affect shower, water to house was all working as normal, thanks

Asked 5 years ago by Anonymous

I think the Pressure Relief Device (PRD) may have blown. 
It’s a safety device on the bottom of the heating tank.
It is fairly easy to replace however there is usually something that causes it to blow,often a kink in the hose or the showerhead is blocked, so check this before fitting the new PRD.

Answered 5 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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