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Safesol HuwaSan TR50 Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant (10 Litres)

Save 5% Safesol HuwaSan TR50 Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant (10 Litres)

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HuwaSan TR50 is a commercial disinfectant and biocide designed for either shock disinfection or constant dosing of water systems. Human and animal drinking water are successfully treated using HuwaSan TR50 constant dosing. The HSE have advised that silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide such as HuwaSan can be used for constant dosing.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a transparent, colourless and odourless disinfectant liquid which is mixable in any ratio with water. After reaction, it decomposes into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2).

The main difference between Huwa-San and regular hydrogen peroxide, is in the presence of a stabilizing agent. As H2O2 is not stable and slowly decomposes into oxygen and water, a stabilizer in the form of a small amount of silver is added. The silver is used to increase the stability of the hydrogen peroxide solution.

Applications include:

  • Constant dosing of building water systems.
  • Constant dosing of animal drinking water.
  • Shock disinfection of building water system.


Benefits of HuwaSan TR50 for constant dosing include:

  • Water that is safe for drinking and bathing.
  • Simple dosing systems.
  • Energy and costs are reduced as calorifier temperatures can be lowered. This is biocidal control rather than temperature control.
  • Single chemical approach to constant dosing.
  • No hazardous chemical mixing is required which will increase safety for sites and operatives.
  • Safer and less corrosive than chlorine based products which means pipework will not corrode.
  • HuwaSan TR50 has been recognised by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for the control of legionella bacteria.


Benefits for shock disinfection include:

  • HuwaSan TR50 kills bacteria including legionella and in addition removes biofilm.
  • Also it is eco-friendly and breaks down to naturally occurring substances oxygen and water.
  • It is easier to use and handle than chlorine because neutralisation is not required for peroxide levels of up to 1000ppm.
  • It is quicker than chlorination because neutralisation is not required which saves time and money.
  • It will also kill viruses, mould and spores which helps keep water systems clean. There is no chlorine or alcohol in this product.
  • HuwaSan TR50 is an effective amoebicide. It kills the “Trojan House” where bacteria can breed unchecked.
  • It is stable over a wide range of pH and temperature.


Huwa-San is a one stop biocidal product that is effective against bacteria, fungi, yeast, spores, viruses and even mycobacteria and therefore our products can be used in many application fields to disinfect water, surfaces, tools and even big empty areas through vaporisation.

Huwa-San was thoroughly researched and developed in lab and field test settings. As a result, Huwa-San products meet the most recent standards for disinfection:

  • Bactericide: EN1276, EN13697, EN1656, EN13727, EN14561, EN14349, EN16437, EN13626, AFNOR NF T 72-281
  • Mycobactericide: EN14348, AFNOR NF T 72-281, EN14204
  • Fungicide: EN1650, EN13697, EN1657, EN13624, EN14562, EN16438, AFNOR NF T 72-281
  • Virucide: EN EN14476, AFNOR NF T 72-281, EN14675
  • Sporocide: EN13704, AFNOR NF T 72-281
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50% Silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide suitable for air, water and surface disinfection. 10 litre drum.

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