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Aqualisa Shower Spares

Aqualisa Shower Spares

Originally founded back in 1977, Aqualisa has gone on to become one of the best-known and most successful shower manufacturers in the UK. Founders of the bi-metallic thermostatic shower valve, Aqualisa’s innovation and unique technology has been the backbone of its success. Throughout their history, the company has led the way in product development, pioneering the first ever digital shower, the highly regarded Axis Digital, and the world’s first wireless and battery-less remote control.

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As an exclusive retailer of Aqualisa shower products, The Shower Doctor stocks spares for power showers, mixer showers, and electric showers covering the entire Aqualisa market range.

Amongst the selection of Aqualisa products on this site, you will find Digital showers, mixers taps and fittings from the ever-popular Axis Collection, as well as items from the CORGI award-winning Opto Digital. In fact, our range of products covers showers both new and old, providing you with every part you need to have your Aqualisa shower running as it should, from commercial valves to shower pumps and everything in between.

Aqualisa is a brand that prides itself on offering truly luxurious showering; at The Shower Doctor, we ensure you experience nothing less.