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Dimplex Spares

Dimplex Spares

When it comes to electric space and water heating, few names are held in higher regard than Dimplex. Having been established for over 60 years, the company has earned a reputation for quality and reliability that is unmatched, and an unrivalled experience in research and development, employing an in-house design team that ensures products remain at the forefront of innovation.

Dimplex offers a selection of over 400 products in electric and water heating – a range that is the widest in the world. Although the central focus of the company is related to heating and electric fires in particular, the Dimplex range of aX electric showers are amongst the best on the market, excelling in design, performance, and reliability.

At The Shower Doctor, we are one of the few companies to offer Dimplex electric shower spares, each of which is available to buy online or via the order hotline. The full aX range of showers is covered, and spares are available for all of the most common faults, as well as some of the more uncommon!

If you go to take a shower one day to find that your Dimplex aX is no longer working as it should, get in touch with The Shower Doctor.