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Meltronic Shower Spares

Modern showering has evolved a lot over the past few decades, and now electronics play as big a role as the water pump. Shower controls let us to set the speed and temperature of the shower, allowing us to find the perfect settings – Meltronic are a world-leading brand in providing such controls.

Specialising in controls, sensors, transformers, valves and operating systems, Meltronic are responsible for many modern day showers working in the high-tech way that they do. Unfortunately, like many electrical items, problems can often surface, and if your shower is powered by Meltronic controls and runs into problems, you are going to need the Shower Doctor.

At the Shower Doctor, our aim is to provide you with the spares you need to fix a problematic shower. We are a leading supplier of Meltronic spares and offer everything from control boxes to solenoid valves to get your shower up and running again.

Each Meltronic component is clearly described and accompanied by a picture to help you locate the correct part for your system. Once you have located the part you need you can pop it in your online cart and have it delivered to your door, and if you need any help, the Shower Doctor is always here.