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Meynell showers and spares are available here at The Shower Doctor where we take into consideration that modern day ablutions is all about the provision of a rewarding experience. Advances in technology has given us access to systems that make showering a more luxurious and personal experience than ever.

Meynell showers have fully embraced technology, developing state-of-the-art solutions. Each power shower offers time flow controls, taking individual showering to a completely new level.

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The Meynell shower range is known for its reliability, functionality and performance, but if anything were to go wrong you need to know that there is somewhere you can go for a solution – that place is right here at the Shower Doctor.

We know that showers can stop working as they should from time to time and as a result, we have built up an inventory of spares and accessories that is the largest in the UK. If you Meynell shower breaks for any reason, you can rely on the Shower Doctor to have the part to fix it. Our range of Meynell spares includes commercial showers and valves, mixer showers, power showers, shower fittings, mixing valves and time flow controls – all of which are clearly detailed and include photos so you can easily identify the product you need.

Don’t leave your broken shower for another day, buy your Meynell spares online right now.