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Electric Showers
Shower Spares for

Mira Electric Showers

Official Mira Spares Stockist - We have all the popular Mira Shower Spares and Parts in stock, ready for delivery. Here is a list of Mira Electric Shower Spares diagrams to help you find your shower and locate the part you require. Should you decide not to repair your faulty shower we can recommend a suitable Replacement Mira Electric Shower.

Bar Mixers
Shower Spares for

Mira Bar Mixers

Is your Mira shower too hot? Or too cold? It could need a replacement Mira Shower Cartridge.  If your shower is in need of repair you can view our full range of Mira Bar Mixer Shower Spares on this page, however if you need any Shower Spares or Parts advice or additional help to find the correct Mira Shower Part please get in touch.  But if the time has come to replace your shower, we can recommend the best Replacement Mira Bar Mixer Showers.

Exposed Shower Valves
Shower Spares for

Mira Exposed Shower Valves

We stock a full range of Spares and Parts for Mira Exposed Shower Valves allowing you to ensure that your shower continues to work safely and reliably. If your Shower is Dripping continuously or won’t shut off completely you may need a replacement Mira Shower Cartridge but please contact us if you need any advice about which part is required to fix the issue with your shower.  Alternatively you may wish to shop our Exposed Mira Shower Valve Replacements.

Concealed Shower Valves
Shower Spares for

Mira Concealed Shower Valves

Mira designs and manufactures an excellent range of Concealed Shower Valves and at the Shower Doctor we stock and supply Spares and Parts so that you can keep your bathroom or shower room in working order. If the Shower is Leaking from the Valve or from the Shower Head, we can help.  However, if the time has come to buy a new shower please look at our Mira Concealed Shower Valve Replacements

Pumped Electric
Shower Spares for

Mira Pumped Electric

We stock and supply a complete range of Spares and Parts for Mira Pumped Electric Showers.  If you have any questions about which Mira Spare Part is right for you please contact us.  The Shower Doctor can also offer you a Replacement Mira Pumped Electric Shower if that is what you are looking for.  Please note that all our Mira Shower Spare Parts come with a 1 year guarantee giving you peace of mind when you purchase any Mira Parts from the Shower Doctor.

Digital Showers
Shower Spares for

Mira Digital Showers

Mira Digital Showers offer excellent levels of convenience and control when showering – and at The Shower Doctor we have a complete range of Mira Digital Shower Spares to keep them running reliably for many years.  There is nothing worse than a broken shower so get in touch if you have and questions about which part is right for you. If you decide to upgrade your Digital Shower, we can provide with some options for the perfect Replacement Mira Digital Shower.

Shower Doors & Panels
Shower Spares for

Mira Shower Doors & Panels

Mira designs and manufactures a range of shower doors, which are used in all kinds of properties - both commercial and domestic. We supply a full range of spare parts for these Kohler, Mira & Daryl Shower Doors - ensuring your shower space can stay both safe and smart. You can view the full range here, and get in touch if you have any questions about which part you require. 

Shower Pumps
Shower Spares for

Mira Shower Pumps

Are you looking for parts for a Mira Shower Pump? Have you noticed poor water flow or a drop in water pressure? There may be fault with your Shower Pump.  You will see the list of Mira Pumps on this page but if you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch with any questions about the range.  If your Shower Pump is beyond repair why not have a look at our Replacement Mira Shower Pump options.

Shower Heads
Shower Spares for

Mira Shower Heads

We have a quality range of in stock Shower Heads which fit most Mira Showers on the market, providing an OEM replacement for the shower heads that have either broken or need replacing. You can view the full range of Mira Shower Heads here, and get in touch if you have any questions about the right shower head for your Mira shower. 

Rail Kits
Shower Spares for

Mira Rail Kits

At the Shower Doctor we stock all the popular Mira accessories for a wide range of Mira Showers.  In addition to the items on this page, we also have everything from Mira Shower Heads, Mira Shower Hoses, Mira Slider Brackets and even complete Mira Shower Rail Kits.  If you need any help finding the correct accessory please send us your enquiry using our contact us form.

Mira Shower Spares

Mira Showers is one of the foremost names in modern showering, and has been leading the way in showering solutions for over 90 years.

Having been originally founded in 1921 as Walker Crosweller & Co. in London, the Mira name was introduced in 1976, around the same time that the company launched its first ever electric shower. Since then the company has gone on to pioneer many showering solutions, excelling in design, performance, and reliability.  Under its parent company Kohler, Mira has also made advances in conserving energy and has added a number of energy efficient shower systems to its collection.

The Mira mission statement is “to be the consumer and installers' first choice in showering through innovation, design, quality, and value,” and at the Shower Doctor, we are the first choice for Mira shower spares and accessories.

We have the largest selection of online Mira spares in the UK and offer parts and accessories for Mira showers both new and old. Power showers, exposed mixer showers, electric showers, and state-of-the-art digital showers are all covered, and we also offer a wide range of fittings, pumps, and taps to fix almost any problem. 

Mira is leading the way in showering solutions; the Shower Doctor is leading the way in providing the parts needed to keep them working.