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Neptune Spares

Neptune Spares

Electric showers have completely transformed the domestic showering experience, allowing us to position the speed and temperature of the shower to a setting that suits our exact requirements.

With their Exotic and Solo systems, shower manufacturer Neptune has given us showers that are affordable, reliable and exceptional in performance. Whether you have the Exotic or Solo installed in your home, you know that an invigorating shower is guaranteed every time.

Shower Spares

At the Shower Doctor, our aim to ensure that your wonderful showering experience never deserts you, and we do this by providing you with all the parts and accessories needed to fix a broken or problematic Neptune shower.

Our inventory of parts is the largest online collection in the UK and if ever your Neptune shower suffers a problem, you can rely on the Shower Doc to provide the part to get it back up and running. We are an official supplier of Neptune spares and have parts for both the Exotic and Solo electric shower systems; and where Neptune parts are not available we have replacement spares from showers in the same footprint so you can get your shower working as it should.

If your Neptune shower is broken, the Shower Doctor is always here to help.