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Concealed Shower Valves
Shower Spares for

Other Brands Concealed Shower Valves

Other Brands designs and manufactures an excellent range of Concealed Shower Valves and at the Shower Doctor we stock and supply Spares and Parts so that you can keep your bathroom or shower room in working order. If the Shower is Leaking from the Valve or from the Shower Head, we can help. However, if the time has come to buy a new shower please look at our Other Brands Concealed Shower Valve Replacements. 

Electric Showers
Shower Spares for

Other Brands Electric Showers

Official Other Brands Spares Stockist - We have all the popular Other Brands Shower Spares and Parts in stock, ready for delivery. Here is a list of Other Brands Electric Shower Spares diagrams to help you find your shower and locate the part you require. Should you decide not to repair your faulty shower we can recommend a suitable Replacement Other Brands Electric Shower.

Exposed Shower Valves
Shower Spares for

Other Brands Exposed Shower Valves

We stock a full range of Spares and Parts for Other Brands Exposed Shower Valves allowing you to ensure that your shower continues to work safely and reliably. If your Shower is Dripping continuously or won’t shut off completely you may need a replacement Other Brands Shower Cartridge but please contact us if you need any advice about which part is required to fix the issue with your shower.  Alternatively you may wish to shop our Exposed Other Brands Shower Valve Replacements.

Power Showers
Shower Spares for

Other Brands Power Showers

At the Shower Doctor we stock a fantastic range of Other Brands Power Shower Parts and Spares, all of which are available to order online for home delivery. Have you noticed Low Water pressure? If the pressure has started to drop, you may have in issue with the pump motor.  All you need to do is look at our Other Brands Spares diagrams and you will see the full parts list for each Other Brands Power Shower.   If it’s not economical to repair, please consider one of our Other Brands Replacement Power Showers.   

Shower Pumps
Shower Spares for

Other Brands Shower Pumps

Are you looking for parts for a Other Brands Shower Pump? Have you noticed poor water flow or a drop in water pressure? There may be fault with your Shower Pump.  You will see the list of Other Brands Pumps on this page but if you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch with any questions about the range.  If your Shower Pump is beyond repair why not have a look at our Replacement Other Brands Shower Pump options.

Other Brands Shower Spares

At the Shower Doctor, we share your passion for showering and for this reason we like to make sure we have everything you need if your shower ever becomes broken.

Our on-going commitment to provide customers with the spare parts and accessories that they need to repair a shower that is no longer working as it should, as well as full shower systems, has allowed us to amass the largest collection of online showers and shower spares in the UK. These cover all the leading brands in shower manufacturing, as well as a few of the lesser-known ones.

In the Shower Doctor ‘Other Manufacturers’ page, you will find a wide range of shower spares for brands that are not as widely known or used. Here you will find spares for electric showers, mixer showers and power showers from manufacturers such as Aquatron, Armitage, Horne, Berry, and Watermill. In addition to this, we also have a range of shower pumps from Watermill and others.

All of our parts are clearly described, pages come with diagrams, and individual parts with photos, to help you find the part you need with minimum fuss.

Regardless of what shower you have, if it has a problem, you can also rely on the Shower Doctor.