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Bar Mixers
Shower Spares for

Premier Bar Mixers

Is your Premier shower too hot? Or too cold? It could need a replacement Premier Shower Cartridge.  If your shower is in need of repair you can view our full range of Premier Bar Mixer Shower Spares on this page, however if you need any Shower Spares or Parts advice or additional help to find the correct Premier Shower Part please get in touch.  But if the time has come to replace your shower, we can recommend the best Replacement Premier Bar Mixer Showers.

Exposed Shower Valves
Shower Spares for

Premier Exposed Shower Valves

We stock a full range of Spares and Parts for Premier Exposed Shower Valves allowing you to ensure that your shower continues to work safely and reliably. If your Shower is Dripping continuously or won’t shut off completely you may need a replacement Premier Shower Cartridge but please contact us if you need any advice about which part is required to fix the issue with your shower.  Alternatively you may wish to shop our Exposed Premier Shower Valve Replacements.

Shower Spares for

Premier Other Spares

We have an enticing selection of items available within our other spares range from Premier. Please browse the list below or choose to filter your options further. If you would like some assistance please don't hesitate to ask us a question or call to talk with one of our special advisors on 0131 538 4343

Rail Kits
Shower Spares for

Premier Rail Kits

At the Shower Doctor we stock all the popular Premier accessories for a wide range of Premier Showers.  In addition to the items on this page, we also have everything from Premier Shower Heads, Premier Shower Hoses, Premier Slider Brackets and even complete Premier Shower Rail Kits.  If you need any help finding the correct accessory please send us your enquiry using our contact us form.

Shower Doors & Panels
Shower Spares for

Premier Shower Doors & Panels

Premier designs and manufactures a range of shower doors, which are used in all kinds of properties - both commercial and domestic. We supply a full range of spare parts for Premier Shower Doors - ensuring your shower space can stay both safe and smart. You can view the full range here, and get in touch if you have any questions about which part you require.