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Reliance Spares

Reliance is a principal purveyor of products to the sanitary, plumbing, and heating industries, specialising in the design and development of complimentary products related to temperature, pressure and flow.

With a UK branch based in the county of Worcestershire, Reliance is part of the Reliance Worldwide Group, and boasts offices across the world. The company works with a host of major architects, consultants and mechanical contractors throughout the UK, supplying products that are high quality and affordable.

A large part of the Reliance brand is related to products for modern showering systems, providing valves, taps and controls that are used by many leading shower manufacturers.

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If you suffer any problems with your shower that relates to a Reliance part, you need the Shower Doctor.

We have the largest online collection of spares in the UK and offer a wide range of Reliance products to fix all manner of issues. From mixer shower and taps spares, to shower fittings and time flow controls, we have your Reliance system covered. All of the parts at the Shower Doctor are clearly detailed and come complete with pictures to ensure you can easily find exactly what you need to get your shower back up and running.

Find the spare part you need today, by browsing through the Shower Doctor Reliance products.