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Trevi Spares

Trevi Spares

If you are looking for a quality, high performance shower by a brand that you can trust, you should look no further than Trevi.

In spring 2012, Trevi became part of the world-renowned Ideal Standard brand and products are now marketed under the Ideal Standard name; however, the same level of product innovation and style that became synonymous with Trevi can still be seen in the range of showerheads, controls, mixer taps, and systems from the new owners.

Shower Spares

Bath Shower Mixers

Concealed Shower Valves

Ascari Central Shower Thermostatic Bin Trim Kit 2 Shower Valve Shower Spares
ITV A5322AA In-line Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve Spares
Trevi Arum Exposed Shower Mixer Shower Spares
Trevi Ascari dual control built-in thermostatic valve - standard/bottom connection
Trevi Ascari single control built-in thermostatic valve
Trevi Blend 410 Exposed High Flow Mixer Shower
Trevi Blend Shower Mixer Built In Manual Shower Valve
Trevi Blend Shower Mixer Exposed For Pipes Shower Valve
Trevi Boost Exposed Shower Mixer + Ev Shower Valve
Trevi Boost Mains Pressure Shower with Elipse kit (built in)
Trevi Boost Recessed Shower Mixer (Black Override Button)
Trevi Ceramix Alto Single Lever Built-in Shower Valve Shower Spares
Trevi Compact - CTV exposed thermostatic shower valve with extend lever
Trevi ctv- extended lever built-in Shower Spares
Trevi ctv- extended lever exposed Shower Spares
Trevi Ctv Thermostatic Valve Built In Shower Valve
Trevi Ctv Thermostatic Valve Exposed Shower Valve
Trevi diverter 2 way high pressure Shower Spares
Trevi diverter 3 way Shower Spares
Trevi Flight Exposed Thermostatic Bath and Shower Valve For High Pressure Balanced Systems - 1 To 3 Bar Bath and Shower Taps
Trevi Globe Shower Mixer Exposed Shower Spares
Trevi Globe Shower Therm Shower Spares
Trevi Idyll 2 Single Lever Built-in Wall Shower Mixer Shower Spares
Trevi Kurve Shower Built In Thermostatic  Valve
Trevi Link Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve For High Pressure Balanced Systems - 1 To 3 Bar Shower Valve
Trevi Lux Built-in Thermostatic Shower Mixer Shower Spares
Trevi Outline A3700 built-in thermostatic shower valve
Trevi outline shower mixer built in ctv Shower Spares
Trevi pbv built in shower valve Shower Spares
Trevi pbv exposed shower valve Shower Spares
Trevi Rivage Shower Therm Built In Shower Spares
Trevi Sottini Alchemy A5800
Trevi Therm - Pre 1997 (Red Override Button)
Trevi Therm Built In - Post 1997 Shower Spares
Trevi therm centrally built in shower mixer Shower Spares
Trevi Therm Mk Ii Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve - For Concealed Or Exposed Pipework - Bottom Oulet Shower Valve
Trevi Therm TT A3969 Mixer Valve
Trevi traditional built in shower valve Shower Spares
Trevi Traditional Shower Therm Built In Shower Valve

Rail Kits

Whatever type of showering area you are designing, there are always options available to you in the Trevi range.  At the Shower Doctor, we keep the brand alive by offering a wide range of spares for those with existing Trevi units.

Now that Trevi no longer trades under its own name, finding the spare parts you need from the manufacturer can prove difficult. That’s where the Shower Doctor comes in. We have the widest selection of online spares in the UK and offer parts and accessories for mixer showers, bath shower mixers, and shower fittings – many of which cannot be found anywhere else.

All of our spares are easily identifiable and can be purchased online instantly, allowing you to get your Trevi shower back working as it should.