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ShowerForce 1500-XT Shower Spares

Showerforce ShowerForce 1500-XT Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
2 BRIST-SP-087-0507-WT 1500XT Front Cover White SP-087-0507-WT £53.99 +
3 NEWT-SP-087-0110 NewTeam 1000-1500 XT/XM Shower Pump Unit - SP-087-0110 £95.99 +
4 NEWT-SP-087-0097 NewTeam Motor Cover SP-087-0097 £12.31 +
5 NEWT-SP-087-0127 NewTeam Pipe Connection SP-087-0127 £9.60 +
6 NEWT-SP-490-0014 - Front Cover Screws Discontinued
7 SFORCE-SP-087-0129 - Latching Switch (not shown) Discontinued
9 SFORCE-SP-087-0091 - TPE Cover Discontinued
10 NEWT-SP-087-0154 NewTeam Mixer Valve Complete 1500xt SP-087-0154 £90.88 +
11 NEWT-SP-087-0505-WT NewTeam 1000XT/1500XT Temperature Control Knob (White) - SP-087-0505-WT £19.01 +
12 SFORCE-SP-087-0503 - Start/Stop Button Discontinued
13 NEWT-SP-087-0504-WT NewTeam White Push Button SP-087-0504-WT Discontinued
19 NEWT-SP-087-0230 NewTeam 1000XT/1500XT Solenoid Valve and Coil - SP-087-0230 £23.99 +
N/S NEWT-SP-087-0105* - Base Assembly NT1500 XT Discontinued
n/s HYDR-01103 Syntech Carbon Motor Brushes without Brass Casing (Pair) - 01103 £11.99 +
N/S NEWT-SP-086-0061 NewTeam Long Inlet Elbows (Pair) - SP-086-0061 £16.20 +
N/S NEWT-SP-168-0204-CP NewTeam Zag Massage Handset - Chrome SP-168-0204-CP View Replacement
N/S NEWT-SP-168-0204-W NewTeam Zag Massage Handset - White SP-168-0204-W £18.55 +
N/S NEWT-SP-280-0033-CP - NewTeam Spirit Soap Dish Chrome Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-280-0590-C NewTeam Spirit Rail Slider Bracket (Chrome) - SP-280-0590-C View Replacement
N/S NEWT-SP-280-0590-MC - Slider Matt Chrome View Replacement
N/S NEWT-SP-280-0590-WT NewTeam Spirit Rail Bracket Slider (White) - SP-280-0590-WT View Replacement
N/S NEWT-SP-285-0113-CP NewTeam 1.5m PVC Shower Hose (Chrome) - SP-285-0113-CP View Replacement
N/S NEWT-SP-285-0113-WT NewTeam Hose 1.5m (pvc) - White SP-285-0113-WT Discontinued
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