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Showerforce 201T Shower Spares

Showerforce Showerforce 201T Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
1 NEWT-SP-077-0045 New Team 201 Pump Assy Discontinued
2 NEWT-SP-077-0148 NewTeam Thermostatic Cartridge Saneux 2001008 - SP-077-0148 View Replacement
3 NEWT-SP-077-0046 NewTeam Base Assembly - Thermostatic SP-077-0046 Discontinued
4 NEWT-SP-077-0055 NewTeam Temperature Lever SP-077-0055 Discontinued
5 NEWT-SP-077-0052 Newteam Cap - Sp-077-0052 £6.77 +
6 NEWT-SP-077-0060 NewTeam Over-ride Assembly SP-077-0060 Discontinued
7 NEWT-SP-077-0107 NewTeam Flow Lever Nt 201 SP-077-0107 Discontinued
14 NEWT-SP-490-0224 NewTeam Screw (steel) - Controls Retaining SP-490-0224 Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-275-0014 NewTeam Riser Rail SP-275-0014 Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-275-0014-CP NewTeam Rise Rail SP-275-0014-CP Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-275-0014-WT NewTeam 25mm Riser Rail Only - White SP-275-0014-WT Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-280-0028-CL - SOAP DISH 25MM Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-280-0690-MC - CARDINAL SLIDER (Cassis ) Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-280-0690-WT NewTeam Cardinal 25mm Shower Handset Holder (White) - SP-280-0690-WT Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-320-0043 NewTeam O Ring - Valve/pump Connection SP-320-0043 Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-320-0303 NewTeam O Ring - Valve/pump Connection SP-320-0303 Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-490-0002R NewTeam Captive (u) Nut - Cover Fix SP-490-0002R Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-077-0135 NO LONGER AVAILABLE - NewTeam Anti Rotation Key (fish) SP-077-0135 Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-077-0170-SIN NewTeam Spare Microswitch 201/214 - SP-077-0170-SIN Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-220-0001 NewTeam Cassis Slider Assembly SP-220-0001 Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-245-0001-WT - CASSIS RAIL END WHITE Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-245-0003 NewTeam Neptune Rail End Assembly SP-245-0003 Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-077-0097 201 Valve seal kit Kit (SP-077-0097) Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-077-0098 -NewTeam Manual Cartridge SP-077-0098 Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-077-0052-MC - Temp Cap Chrome Discontinued
N/A NEWT-SP-077-0053 NewTeam Base Assembly - Manual SP-077-0053 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-255-0010-CL NewTeam Soap Dish SP-255-0010-CL Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-172-0002 NewTeam Shock Rub-clean Handset SP-172-0002 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-285-0038 - Shower hose Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-280-0300-CP NewTeam Rail And Slider - Chrome SP-280-0300-CP Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-280-0300-WT NewTeam Rail And Slider - White SP-280-0300-WT Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-280-0400 - Rail End Assembly Discontinued
N/S NEWT-SP-490-0435 NewTeam Screw Pack SP-490-0435 Discontinued
N/S NEWT-NT201VS NewTeam 201 Mixer Valve Seals (PAIR)- (077-0097 VALVE SEALS) Discontinued
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