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A Shower is one of the most important items in any household, providing the perfect refreshing way to both start and end your day. As well as being the perfect way to stay clean and hygienic, a shower is also the ideal way to relax and wash away the troubles of the day. The importance of a shower in the home, means that a reliable shower which performs well is important in any home. 

There are many different types of Shower to choose from, and at The Shower Doctor, we have an excellent range of showers encompassing:

Manual Mixer Showers
Thermostatic Mixer Showers 
Electric Showers 
Power Shower
Digital Showers
Smart Showers
Disability Showers

The right shower for you will depend upon your showering preferences, as well as how your home is set up. Some showers can not be used within certain hot water systems for example. 

One of the most popular types of shower that we supply is an electric shower. Electric Showers are very easy to install, and require just 0.1 bar of water pressure and can be used in rooms and areas of the home without a hot water power supply. 

The showers that we supply are used across all rooms in the home, from main family bathrooms right across to en-suites and shower rooms. 

You can view our full range of showers online, above - and if you have any questions about your exact requirements, please ge

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