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Disability Showers

Disability Showers

Please select from the disability showers below or choose to filter your options further. If you would like some assistance please don't hesitate to ask us a question or call to talk with one of our special advisors on 0131 538 4343

Disability Showers

Operate your Disability Shower with Ease
Every component of your disability shower is designed to be as user-friendly as possible.  Contrasting colours on the panel simplify the navigation of controls.  Audible bleeps are used to indicate shower activity (pressure, temperature etc).  Disabled showers can also come with unique features such as enlarged buttons for easier control. 

Thermostatic technology helps to maintain a consistent temperature – enhancing the safety of your disabled shower.  Upon pressing the ‘stop’ button, specially designed showers will gradually cool down, flush the hot water out of the system and thus prevent any chance of scalding, before turning off completely.

The following manufacturers specialise in disability showering:

  • Mira
  • Triton
Get in touch with a professional to assess your showering area and advise on which disability showers you can start looking at.  Apply that advice to your own requirements and preferences, and make sure you invest into a quality disability shower which is built to last.