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Mixer Showers

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers provide a consistent temperature whenever used – so you can shower in confidence as temperature fluctuations never occur.  Thermostatic mixer showers balance hot and cold water inside the mixer before releasing the flow from the shower head.  With separate heat and pressure controls, an advanced mixer shower is simple to use and can be set up to give you the perfect showering experience every time.

Mixer Showers

Enjoy Balanced Temperatures with Every Shower
Due to the advanced technology of a thermostatic mixer shower, the whole family is safe from unexpected low or high water temperatures while showering.  Also, mixing units can be installed into the wall, minimising the amount of space taken up by your shower.  The results can be stylish and refresh the appearance of your entire bathroom – while providing you with a comfortable, reliable and safe mixer shower.

With multiple designs to choose from including chrome plated control panels or dials, it can be difficult to settle on the right mixer shower for you.  The following manufacturers specialise in thermostatic mixer showers:

  • Aqualisa 
  • Bristan 
  • Crosswater 
  • Deva 
  • Gainsborough 
  • Grohe 
  • Inta 
  • Meynell 
  • Mira 
  • MX Group 
  • Rada 
  • Redring 
  • Triton 


Both inner-wall and exposed mixer showers can be installed manually, though it is always advised to consult a professional before fitting the shower yourself.  Some models are designed specifically for different home water systems, so choosing the right one is crucial to getting the best performance from your mixer shower.