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Power Showers

Power Showers

Power showers are a great asset to your modern bathroom.  With its own dedicated pump, your electric power shower will dispense high pressured water with every use.  Alleviating stress and enjoying your showering routine is always possible with a power shower.  Even if you only have time for a quick wash - the jetting water can massage your body and rinse away dirt rapidly.

Power Showers

Unwind with a Deep Massage from your Shower

Power showers are designed to give you the best showering experience whenever used.  Sometimes, conventional showers can suffer from low pressure when using high temperatures.  But electric power showers use their own pump to ensure adequate pressure levels are maintained at all times.  Also, certain homes are located in low water pressure areas – again, your shower can solve this problem and use its own built-in technology to provide a powerful flow of water at all times.

Electric and thermostatic power showers are great for kick starting your day. We have models from all the leading manufacturers, including Aqualisa, Bristan, Galaxy, Redring, Triton and Mira power showers.

Different models come with different shower head attachments, flow rates and many more individual features.  To narrow down your choices, speak to a professional who can match your preferences, your budget and your plumbing system, to an ideal shortlist of power shower designs.