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Shower Pump Accessories

Get the Best out of your Shower
If your header tank is located higher than your shower outlet, water can naturally flow downwards but if the tank is beneath the outlet – shower pump accessories like a negative head kit can be used to boost the water pressure upwards.  A quality kit can work in synchronisation with the water valve on your shower, so when you activate the shower the kit automatically kicks-in to pump water through to the water outlet.

Poor water pressure can result in an imbalance of temperature, as not enough of either the hot or cold supply is pumped through.  Also, air can become trapped in the pipes creating an intermittent water flow and unnecessary suction noises.  The right shower pump accessories can help restructure your showering system to work much more efficiently.

 Always speak to a professional before installing shower pump accessories yourself.  You may need to buy more than just a negative head kit to solve your showering problems – make sure you have all that is required to get the best out of your shower.